Colonic Therapy & Stress Therapy

in Camp Hill, PA

Take care of your colon!!!! Colonics may help to achieve your detox and weight loss goals! It is safe and comfortable in a very private spa room. We look at this therapy as an avenue to clear and clean out issues only as needed. We recognize the disconnect in the communication systems within the body as being the issue. Our main goal is to get the communication up again facilitating normal functions. 

Our Stress Therapy is also another alternative approach to rebalance the root cause of the distress of environmental induced symptoms. No needles are used in this method. Every substance in the universe vibrates with its own unique vibrational frequency referred to as an electromagnetic fingerprint or “signature”. If the systems do not recognize the signature when exposed to a specific substance, the result will be exhibited in distressing symptoms.

Our highly attentive staff members possess the necessary training and certifications to offer our clients a variety of services. Many of these services can be performed quickly and are ideal if you’re on a strict time schedule. You can come to us to receive:

• Acupuncture

• Stress therapy

• Anxiety therapy

• Colonics

• Far infrared sauna services

• Aqua Detox Ionic Foot Baths

If you’d like to spend some time getting pampered in a Camp Hill, PA, spa, Bridge to Higher Health will give you the opportunity to unwind in our tranquil facility. We'll also do our best to treat certain ailments and injuries that are taking away from your comfort and happiness. We strive to be considerate of our clients’ schedules, and we're willing to be flexible with our scheduling times. Bridge To Higher Health wants to help you feel better the natural way. Please give us a call today so that we can tell you more about our services and schedule your appointment time.