Colon Therapy in Camp Hill, PA

Colonics are not only used in connection with bowel issues but also in these categories:

  1. Starting any type of type of healing or cleanse procedure.
  2. 90 day parasite cleanse – 6 cycles, 10days on, 5 days off.-colonic to start and a colonic once every 10 to 14 days.
  3. Clearing the colon for medical procedures.

We look at this therapy as an avenue to clear and clean out issues only as needed.  We recognize the disconnect in the communication systems within the body as being the issue.  Our main goal is to get the communication up again facilitating normal functions. 

How does Constipation affect the Colon’s function?

Constipation involves not only the unnecessary retention of feces in the rectum, but also the retention present throughout the first half of the colon, from the cecum to the middle of the transverse colon. The cecum is found next to the ileo cecal valve at the beginning of the colon.  (Please refer to the Colon Therapy chart. in Dr. Norman Walker's Book:  Colon Health – The Key to a Vibrant Life)

The wall of this section of the colon is equipped with sensitive nerves and muscles and whose function it is to create wavelike motions, known as peristaltic waves, to propel the contents of the colon from the cecum to the rectum for eventual evacuation.  This is a distance of approximately five feet.  If you will refer to the COLON THERAPY CHART you will see that the cecum is that part of the ascending colon at the exit of the small intestine, and the rectum is the lower part of the bowel. COLON HEALTH – The Key to a Vibrant Life!  By Dr. Normal W. Walker

Besides the formation of these peristaltic waves, this first half of the colon has two other very important functions.  First, it must extract from all the residue coming from the small intestine any available nutritional material which the small intestine was unable to collect.  For this purpose, it mulches the material which passes into it from the small intestine and absorbs the liquid and other elements through its walls into the blood stream.  The nutrition which has thus been extracted from the colon is collected by the blood vessels lining the walls of the colon and is carried to the liver for processing.

If the feces in the colon have putrefied and fermented, any nutritional elements present in it would pass into the blood stream as polluted products.  What would otherwise be nutritional becomes, in fact, the generation of toxemia.  Toxemia is a condition in which the blood contains poisonous products which are produced by the growth of pathogenic, or disease-producing bacteria.  Pimples, for example, are usually the first indication that toxemia has found its way into the body.

The other important function of the first half of the colon is to gather from the glands in its walls the intestinal flora needed to lubricate the colon.  Far too many people, professional and laymen, think that enemas and colon irrigations wash out the intestinal flora and thus deprive the colon of a valuable means of lubrication.  This school of thought is utterly false and totally devoid of truth and fact.  When the packed accumulation of feces in the bowel leads to fecal incrustation, it is not possible for the lining of the colon to function normally, and the glands in this lining cannot produce the necessary intestinal flora, or lubrication.  Such lack of lubrication only serves to intensify a state of constipation and to generate toxemia.

This fecal incrustation interferes with, if it does not actually prevent: 

1.  The infusion of the necessary intestinal flora for colon lubrication,

2.  The formation of peristaltic waves for evacuation purposes

3. The absorption and use of the additional nutritional elements present in the waste residue coming into the colon from the small intestine.

After the plaster-like coating has definitely formed on the walls of the colon, not any number of enemas will efficiently dissolve it.  Furthermore, to remove it too rapidly would cause the inner lining of the colon to become “raw” and painful.  Like the removal of plaster, the fecal coating in the colon must be thoroughly soaked and saturated with just plain water in order that its removal may take place gradually, comfortably, and effectively.  This can be accomplished by a series of colon irrigations.  A colon irrigation is administered by an operator trained and accustomed to this work.  

To be efficient, a colon irrigation requires a period of 30 to 40 minutes.  During that period, 8 to 12 gallons of water may have been inserted into the colon through the rectum, at the rate of several ounces at a time, then expelled each time.  The first two or three irrigations can prove how sensible and comfortable the procedure actually is.

Uses for Colonics:

  1. Starting any type of type of healing or cleanse procedure.
  2. 90 day parasite cleanse – 6 cycles, 10days on, 5 days off.-colonic to start and                            a colonic once every 10 to 14 days.
  3. Clearing the colon for medical procedures.

For further information on how each part of the body if affected with each section of the colon, please read COLON HEALTH – The Key to a Vibrant Life!  By Dr. Normal W. Walker

“My study and intensive research on this subject convinces me more than every that no treatment or healing procedure should every be started without first giving the patient a series of colon irrigations in order to clean out the colon and remove the incipient source of infection.  There is no ailment, sickness or disease that will not respond to treatment quicker and more effectively than it will after the administration of a series of colon irrigations.” Dr. Normal W. Walker

Other situations where a colon cleanse could be beneficial

  • Life styles- can create weakness in the digestion which leads us spiraling into the depths of symptoms, diseases and degeneration
  • Endocrine issues- the pancreatic response to over consumption of refined sugar
  • Heavy Metals and Mercury-issues from dental releasing into digestion and lodging in the colon interferes with cell communication
  • Proper digestion- is important for a healthy body, mind, and spirit.  If the digestion is weak, then even good food will be converted into low-grade nutrition and an inferior quality of health.  Health starts on the plate.  Digestion starts in the mouth.


Disclaimer: For the diagnosis or treatment of any disease, please consult a licensed physician.